Our Mission

Our mission statement

Empowering communities locally, nationally, and internationally to advance wellness, educational access, economic participation, and social opportunities for all people by developing leaders, building knowledge, and demonstrating real-world innovations that embrace inclusion.

To achieve this mission, SGISD faculty, students, and staff make the following commitments:

  • To undertake work that creates social change and promotes human rights and justice for individuals who are excluded from their community because of their race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or other factors.
  • To recognize that this work requires advocating for and defending the rights of all individuals.
  • To recognize that social change is more effective when it is achieved through partnerships between excluded individuals and experts from various disciplines, all approaching inclusion from unique perspectives. Effective collaboration is based on mutual learning and respect, and requires collegiality and collective intelligence.
  • To focus the activities of SGISD on empowering individuals to define their own quality of life and realize their full potential.
  • To ground all the activities of SGISD in transdisciplinary education, training, research, and service. All these elements combine to apply theory and evidence-based research to practice. The knowledge the school produces is translated and disseminated to all communities affected by the issues in question.
School for Global Inclusion and Social Development
in the College of Education and Human Development